“I received a colour consultancy voucher for my Birthday and it was truly
one of the best gifts I could have asked for.
I have a love for clothes and always felt quite confident with my choices,
however having a colour consultation has made my day to day clothes,
accessories and overall colour choices so much easier. Chanel’s professional
manner and passion for helping others feel their very best through colour
consultancy shines through and is infectious,

to the point where I went straight home and excitedly put together my colour
swatch organiser, reorganised and decluttered my wardrobe
and haven’t looked back.
I can now easily decide what suits me best and what accentuates my colouring,
which is very useful and saves a lot of time when deciding which
choice to make when I’m presented with varying colour options.

An overall great experience that I recommend to everyone”


Every day you get dressed, put on make-up, accessories and style your hair.

Imagine knowing that everything you put on compliments your natural
skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.
Imagine how easy getting dressed would be knowing everything
in your wardrobe matches.

Imagine not wasting money on items you don’t wear
because they aren’t quite right.
Imagine how simple shopping would be when you know exactly what you are
looking for and what is right for you.
 Being well presented is easy with colour and body analysis.
I tailor your wardrobe to your natural features and body construction and
provide you with the technical tools to adapt fashion with confidence and ease.

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